Hello world!


Here we are in the last day of the first week of 2012 (I work in that fashionable way where the week goes Monday – Sunday…it helps me feel like I get my money’s worth out of the weekend). I love good timing, so I thought it today would be the perfect time to start what will be a weekly blog for 2012.  Along with everyone else who isn’t either in the gym or at a class learning a new language…oh January, you and your high expectations

Anyway, the last few months for me have been dominated by a little dog and big plans. The little dog is Olive, the wee dalmatian. She gets around so if you live in Edinburgh you might have seen her out and about. The big plans are in the pipeline, and most of them involve drawing more.

And so spotsandlines is born. Every week I’ll draw, paint or make something inspired by or capturing little Olive. She will be the star of the show but I won’t always draw her, any other dog who is willing to model for me will also get a look in! So she is the spots, and the lines is me. Sounds a bit like we are a crap detective duo but hopefully the art won’t be as rubbish as the name!



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