Picture # 2. 15 January

So, I’m pretty annoyed about the photo of this painting. All week I imagined that I would take the painting outside and get one my friends to take a photo of me with it in the back garden, so you could see how big it is (it’s probably about 5 ft tall) and how bright it is (the yellow paint is System 3 Process Yellow with a top coat of PoundLand yellow glitter paint!). Instead though I got on with looking after Olive in real life today, rather than just looking after her image in the painted world, and missed my chance to get a photo in the daylight. We went on a great big walk through Holyrood Park to Portobello, and did a couple of laps of the beach. She met a staffy / dalmatian cross who fascinated her. They were best dog pals by the end of the day.

I took some good photos of her today anyway and I’ve got a plan of what to do with them to showcase them on here.

In the meantime please make do with these pics! The first one is the finished image, and the other two are of Olive checking the progress out along the way. Wonder if she knew it was her?


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