Lines and Lines

This week I went back to the life drawing class I started going to last year. Going to that class was such a great plan! It meant I committed to doing something creative every week and most of all I had to stick at every piece I was drawing…instead of getting pissed off if the drawing wasn’t working out. Would be pretty embarrassing to be a brat and have a huff in a room full of strangers, but it’s pretty easy when you’re at home alone!

So, this week we did simple charcoal line drawings. I remembered how much I like doing these. I also really liked the model’s poses this week, they were really natural, and she looked like she was really comfortable and thoughtful.

The first picture I’ve posted here was a five minute sketch, and the next was a twenty minute sketch.They are both on paper that’s about A2 size.

I’m thinking that over the weekend I’ll take my charcoal and some nice paper and do some nice, quick, simple sketches of Olive or any other dogs that happen to be kicking around looking interesting…



4 thoughts on “Lines and Lines

  1. You’re good at this. The dog pictures are fun (I’m not into dog pictures specifically but yours are more interesting artistically than other art-as-dog-worship I’ve seen around). I guess what I’m saying is its nice to have chanced on your blog and I liked there being variety in your subject material. I hope you’re having fun.

    • Hey! Thanks for the comment, that first sentence is always a good opener! Pleased you like the stuff and yep I’m having a lot of fun. I’m going to pop over to your site and have a wee look around too. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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