close up of the previous image, showing face and front legs

Picture (s) # 4. 29 January

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – and stop drawing them, it probably annoys them…

I’m presenting a double whammy of two pictures this week, but as they are so similar I’m going to just classify them both as Picture # 4.

They are both a mix of charcoal, Uni Pin fineline 0.8 pen, paint (acrylic in one and watercolour in the other), and both done on different sorts of paper than usual, one on parcel paper and one just on some heavy cream coloured paper. And they are both of Olive sleeping.

I like them because they look like illustrations and I love that sort of stuff. I tried some experimenting with watercolour paint on the second picture but I haven’t used watercolours since I was a kid so that was pretty hard…not sure if it worked or not…adding colour was an afterthought, so I’ve put the before and after pictures on here and you can see for yourselves what you think.


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