Out with the new and in with the old

When I was rummaging around for watercolour paint for my last pictures, I found my stash of Letraset. Oh it was a nice moment, I do love Letraset! I use the term stash generously, because when I googled Letraset it turns out my selection is pretty paltry. I definitely want some of these:

But I’m not having much luck finding them anywhere. They are pure 70s apparently…I got that fact from Wikipedia and it was corroborated by my Mother, and both of those sources are never, ever wrong. I’m going to keep looking, but in the meantime I’m bidding on some other Letraset figures on eBay, which I’m going to use when I make some little gift cards that I’ve got planned.

Still I’ve got some good old Letraset letter transfers that I’m going to add to my piece this week. It’s also on the theme of old, because it’s to go with an old promise I made back in September, when I told my friend I had a gift to send her when she moved back to Canada…that gift has sat on my bookshelf ever since…doh


2 thoughts on “Out with the new and in with the old

  1. Letraset is brilliant! I used it all the time when I was younger. My dad had loads of it as a graphic designer. He probably still has some at home 🙂

    • I know, it’s great isn’t it! I really want some of the figures but can’t find any. There’s some funny stuff on eBay…you can get footballers, Star Wars characters, the Bay City Rollers..!

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