Picture # 6. 12 February

The Greedy World of Fudge.

This weekend I went home for my brother’s birthday, and took the opportunity to find doginspiration in Newcastle. My contribution to the blog this week is a page of sketches of our family dog Fudge.

I did these on the train on the way back to Ediburgh, hence some shaky lines in places. These sketches are in preparation for another piece of work that I will do soon – maybe next week if all goes to plan. The material that I have placed in some of these pictures will form a major part of that next piece of work. I love it and can’t wait to use it.

The reason the sketches are what they are is because I asked my Mam how she pictured Fudge when she thought of her. Standing around waiting for some scrap of food while my Mam cooks dinner each night was the prominent image.

I hope I have done our lovely dog  justice in these quick sketches.*

* Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed in these sketches are those of the artist and not necessarily of Fudge. Nor does Fudge necessarily have a Geordie accent. She may well be a secret philosopher with a perfect grasp of queen’s English. We will never know in this mortal existence.


2 thoughts on “Picture # 6. 12 February

  1. “I resent the implication I am greedy – I simply have a natural dog appetite and don’t understand the concept of overeating. I may be a philosopher, don’t know yet, still thinking about it” Fudge

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