Picture # 9. 5 March

Last week’s half finished picture is now this week’s complete picture! Oh how the magic happens!

I did digress a bit from the original photo I was painting this from – the biggest difference is the colour of her bed. I just want to put it out there that I would not support the gender stereotyping of puppies so she doesn’t have a pink bed in real life. She has a good old gender neutral brown bed. I just like painting with this bright magenta colour. I do know that dogs are colour blind by the way. But it looks really stupid when dogs wear pink.

ANYWAY, the politics of dog ownership are not the purpose of this post. The purpose is this portrait of Olive in her neck hat collar lampshade plastic thing. She is looking pretty annoyed that she was subjected to the humiliation of wearing one of those things!

This is painting is, as usual, acrylic on canvas.


9 thoughts on “Picture # 9. 5 March

  1. Hi Tallulah, I’m a huge fan of this beautiful blog. You’re a super talented lady. I love the detail around the nose and mouth on your latest painting, What a fine looking pup she is!

    I look forward to more.

  2. I think that we need to gender stereotype animals by putting them in blue or pink colours – how else would they be able to tell each other apart? For this reason, I will paint all of my male pigs blue. The pink male pigs must have a real gender identity crisis. I plan to fix this once and for all.

    As a side note, they have recently invented glow-in-the-dark pigs (possibly in Edinburgh). Sadly, they glow green, which is no help to anyone.

  3. your are mazing tal lines!! When I have money I will commission you to paint me with my cat. I ken its not a dog but I need my portrait to be like that of the lady of a manor, and for future reference, it needs to contain my fave animal.

    luvn ur wrk 🙂 xx

    • Ooh thanks!! I’d paint any animal for the right price…and I see your logic about how your descendants will look back at you and need to know exactly who you were and what you liked. Bravo. xxxx

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