Life Painting

Hello folks of the internet.










This week’s post from my life drawing class = three quick teeny weeny paintings. The first one was 5 minutes and the other two were about ten minutes each. I actually really really like the first one – even though due to space issues in the class I had to move to a different spot half way through painting it so actually the figure isn’t very realistic, as I have combined two views in one…I just like it though, there was no time to get too caught up in the detail of it.

I also like the colours and I’ll keep the learning from this class with me (not that I usually abandon everything I learn..), because the only colours we used last night were red, yellow, black and white, and this is what the outcome was.

In life-related news, this week is a busy week for me in the world of work, consequently I am pooped this evening. I’ve got a cosy plan for this week’s art and (hopefully) it’s nothing too taxing. I’ll have myself a wee glass of red wine and get cracking on it tonight…


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