Picture # 11. 16 March

This week’s entry is a bit different…I’m going on holiday tomorrow – more about this later in the post – so this week I thought I better hurry up and get the blog done, and I think the false pressure made me be a bit more prolific, so I kind of panicked about the thought of doing a really crap bit of art and ended up doing three different pieces. Here they are…life drawing, a plate, and a gift bag.

I don’t even really want to say very much about these things. What I thought I should do is maybe make these posts a bit more interesting. So I’m going to try and talk a bit more about why I’m doing the bits of art I’m doing and how I’m feeling about my next posts. I also think this approach might improve the art I do… it might make me connect with it more or something!

So, here we go…

Tonight, I took Olive out, on a rainy evening in Edinburgh. The sky was so heavy but the walk felt so peaceful. It was really lovely. Now I think about it, it kind of relates to how I feel about the album I’ve been listening to all week, Born to Die by Lana Del Rey, which has been giving me goosebumps every evening, and has that mix of moody and heavy but also some really nice, comforting, syrupy bits to it too.  To top it all off this eve I met Sinead for a drink…the first punter I noticed when I walked into the pub was a big fat bulldog, chilling out on one of the leather seats. He was very cool. I thought he would make a great portrait. I was too scared to ask his owners if I could take a photo of him. All in all these things have made me feel like I need to do some paintings or something that have more depth and character than some of things I’m doing at the moment. Committing to doing something every week was also maybe an error. It’s a bit hard to do something every week when this isn’t my full time job!

The other thing that has been on my mind all week is my holiday to Madrid, which starts tomorrow, ah man! Hombre! I can’t wait.

So this week I’m going to try and do some sketches that bring all these things together. Some stuff that’s atmospheric, and has inspiration from different sources, like different colours and patterns and faces and people and dogs and sounds and smells from Madrid, a place I’ve never been before. I’m also going to chill out and do some sketching, take some photos, and just a bit more thinking. I think these things together might make for some better paintings (etc).


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