Picture # 12. 1st April

Hola amigos de la red!

I thought I was so prepared last week when I was on holiday; I was going to sketch and blog and not skip a beat with my weekly spotsandlines promises…however, many things conspired against me and it was impossible to post last week.

You’ll just have to trust that I kept the blog on my mind. I took lots of photos and kept my mind ticking away about what I’d like to do to capture the Madrid feeling. My first idea was a painting that I was going to call ‘Los Perros Madrilenos’ (The Dogs of Madrid), which was inspired by all the shapes and sizes and types of dogs we saw day-to-day in the city centre, combined with the lovely patterns on the tiles that framed windows, doors, balconies and shop signs. As much as I think my original idea would have been effective, I was struck by a homeless trio that we saw in a doorway near Metro Callao, on Calle Carmen (I think this was the street name).

Here is the sketched outline of the acrylic painting I’ll do to capture these chaps (deifnitely won’t be a one or two week job). Note..these are meant to be light pencil sketches to paint over so the quality is pretty poor and I’ve had to do some hardcore fixing  on Windows Picture and Fax Viewer on these!


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