Picture # 12 and a bit…

I thought it might be nice to take photos of this week’s painting as I work on it. I always like seeing unfinished sketches when I go to galleries, there’s something nice about seeing a sketch / illustration / painting at a point in time, before it’s all polished and complete.

And just to give you an indication of how long this will take, this is it after about 1 and a half hours…it’s going to take quite a few 1-and-a-half-hours’s to get this one done and dusted!


2 thoughts on “Picture # 12 and a bit…

    • Yeah I like thinking about how paintings develop too. I saw a Lucien Freud painting that he was half way through finishing when he died. It was rally interesteing to see it not finished, I almost liked it more than some of the finished and polished ones

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