Picture # 14. 22 April

So I had a lovely Sunday evening…making my first piece of jewellery!

I say this was lovely but actually the whole experience was fraught with problems, including finding out that I’ve bought duff jewellery making stuff and the clasp on the necklace chains don’t actually open. That was £13 badly spent. And I only realised at THE VERY END OF THE WHOLE NECKLACE MAKING PROCESS.

Anyway I’ll persevere with these and try to avoid the same pitfalls next time. I have two other photos that I want to use at the moment, both of Olive at the beach, but I will also use some other non-dog images. I can’t wait to make more of these once I sort out the crap necklace chains…I really struggle to find jewellery that suits me and I like, so making my own seems like a good way to get round this!

Also, you can follow me on twitter now – hurrah, I hear you say. So far I have one follower so anyone who wants to make me feel a bit better and up that number please do… @spotsandlines



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