Week # 15 – continued

I spent last Friday evening making this necklace for Sinead for her 25th birthday, but couldn’t post it until I finally gave it to her yesterday…hence the delayed post.

I used the necklace chains I bought a couple of weeks ago, some balsa wood and a Swedish – English dictionary for this one. I picked a page from the dictionary that had words like ‘fly,’ ‘fly away,’ ‘flourish’ and ‘flower’ and fitted the bird shape round those words. Twenty five feels like an important birthday and also 2012 is the year when the world will end (obviously we all believe this…) – even if this doesn’t literally mean the world will end maybe it means our own little worlds as we know them will end and we’ll experience lots of big changes. So I thought a flying, flourishing bird might represent this nicely! And I picked Swedish because who knows what countries people end up in, and Sweden would be a pretty cool country to find yourself in.


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