Week # 16. 6 May

‘Some problems that may befall you in London town…reflections on modern living in the capital’

Last week I was in London visiting my good friend Madeleine, and also spending time with other good friends. It was a largely problem free trip, but the illustrations I’ve done this week capture some ‘argh’ moments that I would never have considered before this trip to the sahhff, and can’t imagine I’ll really come across again.

The Avocado Problem – a fact that not only outraged Madeleine but also prompted the horrible realisation that it really isn’t economically viable to spend £7 a week on avocadoes, even if you really REALLY like them.

The Stupid Shoes Problem – just some agonising I did over whether I should buy very high leopard print platform shoes for £8…will these just look shite when I wear them to the Brass Monkey? Bought them anyway. We’ll see.

The Corporate Tax Problem – never, ever at any other time in my life have I met people who give a fuck about corporate tax. I heard about corporate tax several times while in London. Does it even exist outside of London? I’m not sure, but I also don’t think I care.

The hands I drew on the Corporate Tax picture are a bit rubbish, but that’s OK, this evening my friend Katie and I got together to spend an hour practising drawing hands. It was great! Anybody who ever wants to get together with me to draw hands give me a shout. Let’s see who can resist that offer!!


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