Week # 17 13 May

I’ve had a really exciting week and as such not done too much publicisable art this week! Most weeks have their exciting elements, but this week, among other exciting things, I told my boss I am leaving my job and going to Spain. I’ve been planning this for a while – years really! – and now it’s finally happening I’ve been feeling quite reflective, so a few of the doodles I’ve done this week have been a bit more personal. These have also been spurred on by being the Drive soundtrack and listening to Nightcall on repeat more times than I can count…

Still I have been plugging away at my homeless Madrileno painting, here it is so far:









In other essential art related news, this week I moved my table so I can now watch Jeremy Kyle USA while painting. I think this will really increase my productivity.


2 thoughts on “Week # 17 13 May

    • Indeed! Loved reading your reply to me on facebook, you left the government to paint pictures…that’s what I’m doing, just on the other side of the world! Hope your venture is going well!! x

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