Week # 18. 23 May

I recently came across this site (http://www.illustrationfriday.com/), after seeing that my old buddy Sam had entered one of the weekly drawing events through her blog (http://duchessyork.wordpress.com/). I thought the idea of setting a topic each week and inviting all sorts of artists, professional and non-professional, to post an illustration to the site just for fun was pretty cool. This week’s topic was ‘Sight,’ which was pretty handy as a couple of days before I had had a dream about looking back on things you had done in life and giving yourself second chances. It ended up being a really nice dream, not exactly about being in control of your own destiny but about being in control of your own outlook on things. All kinds of references to sight in there – looking back, looking at yourself, looking at the world…

The illustration is pen on paper, as usual, and I stuck the image on top of a knitting template. I liked that the template had lines, arrows and scissors on it, which add to the idea of thinking about what direction your life has had and where you want it to go, and being able to take scissors to the bits that aren’t or weren’t so great!


9 thoughts on “Week # 18. 23 May

  1. I really love this one Tallulah. It’s a really weird coincidence that I’m looking at this pic now, as I had a really vivd dream about me and you last night!

  2. Love the knitting template! Works beautifully to complete the whole story concept, life direction etc. I haven’t been doing Illustration Friday for long but I’m having a blast. Hope you do too.

    • Thank you! Yeah I’m totally having a blast. Going to have a look through other people’s submissions tonight after work, it’s such a good concept, looking forward to seeing what everyone else is getting up to!

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