Week # 19 1st June

It was a race against time to get this done for Illustration Friday!! Argh! But here we are, for the topic of ‘Faded’ this is Olive, knackered after running wild in the sunshine (we had hot weather in Scotland last week – I mean you could get a tan in it – AMAZING). Not sure how commonly used the term ‘faded’ is to describe running out of steam, I don’t think I heard it until I moved to Edinburgh, but it’s definitely used a lot here. 

Ideally I’d like to add colour to the lettering, but I’m not sure what yet, so I’ve left it blank for now and can always go back. 

This was done with the usual materials I use – acrylic paint and fine liner pen. 

P.S. Special shout out to Fudge who turns 13 today


One thought on “Week # 19 1st June

  1. I had a jolly birthday, with all the usual components of the day plus added choc drops – 13 years old and still feel like a young pup as far as I can remember what that felt like………..Fudge

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