things I was thinking and drawing 3 years ago…

I’ve been clearing out my flat (slowly but surely) in preparation for the move to Spain. Three years ago I had just finished uni and was working in a restaurant, struggling to find a ‘proper’ job and feeling frustrated at myself that I wasn’t packing up and leaving the country immediately. When I was wee, my ambitions (other than being a gypsy – a dream thwarted when my favourite teacher in first school Mrs Tate told me you had to be born a gypsy, you couldn’t just opt in) were to be successful and to travel, but after uni I didn’t feel I was achieving either and couldn’t see when I would.

I got a job after about six months and stuck at it for two years, which gave me loads of really great experience and I met some mint people. A few months in I went on holiday to Spain, and found it quite hard to leave the bright sunshine and colours to come back to work in grey Scotland. But, it wouldn’t have been right to leave work then and I’m pleased I didn’t. I still had weekly pangs for the sunshine though…

Three years later I look back and think how fun the restaurant was and how now the time finally feels right to head off to Spain. I forgot that I had done some sketches in those frustrating times…feels like a good time to share them now! The first two are pre-‘proper’ job frustrations and the last two are coming home from Spain sadness. And I hope my drawing has improved since then…


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