Week # 20. 11 June

Eeee I’m nearly finished the Madrileno picture!!

I will definitely have it finished this week…I kind of have to, I’ll be jetting off to be in Spain again very soon so better get this painting off the desk before I go ahead and paint way more Spain-inspired stuff.

What I’ve learnt from this painting is you shouldn’t give up on a picture even if you think you’ve done something you don’t think you’ll be able to fix. Originally I painted the wall tiles on this bright primary colours, and some turquoise, because I wanted to go with it being as bright and Spanish as possible. But it just looked terrible!! Totally fake and totally wrong. I thought I’d messed it up and wasn’t sure how to fix it. Then I looked up pictures of broken tiles on Google, so I could at least try and salvage the bright tiles by making them look more grubby by being broken, and right next to the images of broken tiles was one of terracotta tiles. Terracotta obviously being TOTALLY Spanish and a colour TOTALLY bold enough to paint over the bright tiles! So I did it. And it looks way better. Hurrah. Salvaged.


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