Week # 2 (in Seville…)

This is a picture of the Puente de Isabel Segunda over the Guadalquivir in Sevilla….with a heart suspended from it….because I think my heart belongs in this city.

I would have finished this more quickly but was interrupted by a little man who came to speak to me, and wouldn’t leave, and also appeared in the same spot at the same time as me the following two days while I was trying to get this finished. In our very limited conversation in Spanish I learned he had a photomodel ex girlfriend who he had to dump because she was crazy (aye right, little man) and that he doesn’t like gay people. Right on. We had the same conversation every day, twice. Oh, and we discussed the weather. Mi espanol es MUY BIEN.

Buy now as a print, postcard or original.


3 thoughts on “Week # 2 (in Seville…)

  1. This is one of my favourite drawings of yours! The thing about the heart makes it even nicer than I first thought! You’re pure arty like.

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