Ibiza Sketches!


A bit of a late entry here, but my excuse is that I was having a great time cycling in Ibiza with the lovely Katie Shade last week so had no time to post any pictures! But this is what I sketched while I was away anyway…

Firstly, a lovely wee boat at Cala Salada, a really nice quiet beach we went to, a few km north of the horrors of San Antonio. It was so nice and relaxing there and I loved this old, once loved and now lonely, wee boat.

Next, Katie got me some lovely fancy paper from her travels to Japan so I’ve experimented with adding it to a couple of teeny weeny sketches. I think it looks nice with the sharp black lines of the illustrations!

The last four images here are kind of romantic…my mind wandered with all that lying around on beaches! One is just two simple figures, I wanted to draw some bodies as I’ve not done that in a while. The other is a quote from the book ‘Love in the Time of Cholera,’ which I finally got round to reading after buying it in Paris in 2008! It was a great book and I thought this line was so lovely…

‘Hidden…along with the fossil of a thought in a letter that had faded with time.’

Maybe one day I’ll be able to rea the orginal Spanish version Amor en El Tiempo de Colera and see if this line was the genius of Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Edith Grossman, who translated the version I read!

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