Week # … La buena gente de Sevilla

The good people of Seville.

Well, it´s been a while since I was last here. In my defence, I had a kidney infection and was laid up in hospital for a few days back in Newcastle. I did feel guilty about not having drawn anything for a while, despite not being able to eat or get out of bed for five days, so I drew a picture about being in hospital. However it was very grim and I think not worth posting here… I´ll leave it safely tucked away in my room for only my eyes to see…

Now though, I´m very happily back in Sevilla and am laden with new art materials that I got for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. My wee stepsister got me a book of blank postcards and I´m very excited to start filling them in!

Maybe you agree: in my opinion it´s the people who really make a city what it is, not the buildings, not the commerce, not the landscape. Seville is the same for me. As well as tonnes of friendly, outgoing and patient people (it takes me about two minutes to say a sentence in Spanish that I would say in two seconds in English but most people still listen to me…), there are so many interesting characters here in Seville.  I´ve spent the past week wandering about taking some covert, and some not so covert, photos of my favourite looking people here so I can draw them on postcards and capture la buena gente de Sevilla for all to see! The pictures at the top of this post are  some sketches I´ve done in preparation for the postcards.

Buy these items as prints, postcards or originals.


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