sun and shine

It’s been a lovely week here in Seville. There’s been a bit of a heatwave so I’ve been filling my eyes with the light. As has been drummed into me through my upbringing in northern England, whenever there is sun WE MUST GO OUTSIDE IN AS FEW CLOTHES AS POSSIBLE. So I’ve been doing just that, making it clear that I’m not from round here. But still, I don’t believe my Sevillian counterparts genuinely require their jeans and scarves in this week’s 30 degree heat…

Anyway, on Sunday I spent the afternoon painting in Parque Maria Luisa with my friend Becki. That’s us in the pictures of course! I painted a wee canvas with a picture of a window on a street in Alfalfa. I love most of the buildings here; there are so many crumbly, haphazard and beautiful little places, all jumbled up together so that the streets never look uniform. Lots of them have great little details like this window here.

Becki and I also had some lovely, long, languid conversation about the world and what people do in it. Thanks to this and a catch up with Becca, I have something in mind to paint this week, and happily enough I have three days off work to do it in!

Becki / Becca…apparently my inspiring name of the week!


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