Gypsies etc

Welcome to today’s bumper blog! It’s been three weeks since I was last here, but I’ve tried to make up for it with three drawings / paintings for today’s entry.

So, a little bit about each of the three…

1. It’s been raining here in Seville. I remember being told, while lying on a bed with no duvet and almost unnecessary sheets, in the 35 degree early September heat, that the mal tiempo was coming soon. Bad weather, in Seville? I think my reaction was a snort and a laugh. But the poor innocent me of summer time has been forced to accept that yeah OK, sometimes it’s not sunny here. When it rains, it really really rains, the streets are soaking and the air is cold. It’s not a city you can easily get cosy in either.

Still, rain or shine the gypsies are out in Seville, making their living rooting through bins, plodding through town from one site to another with their trolleys full of old things nobody wants anymore. Or at least some people don’t want…it’s a different story when the gypsies take their found wares to the markets and sell them on for a teensy wee profit.

A lot of people don’t have a lot of time for gypsies…they think they’re sitting in gold plated caravans, downing champagne and laughing at us foolish tax payers for slogging away at our jobs when all you need to do is sit around and wait for the government to come and give you things for nothing.

Well, in Scotland and here, the only gypsies I’ve ever seen looked pretty poor. And I don’t know about you, but I’d certainly rather be sitting in a warm classroom teaching people English, paying my taxes, than scavenging through other people’s old shit outside in the chilly rain and keeping all the centimos I earn. Gypsies don’t have it easy at all.

I wanted this picture to try to show how awful it must feel to be soaked through, walking from bin to bin, searching for things to try and sell on.

2. This one, a girl made of titanium, is clearly inspired by a David Guetta song! Songs inspire me all the time but I never thought that one by David Guetta would do the trick! I love love love his song Titanium. It´s about being strong. I liked the idea of drawing a wee girl made of titanium rather than an adult…you have your strength your whole life, it just sometimes takes a while to realise it.

3. I walk the same route to work / Spanish classes every day. I always pass this one building, which appears to be abandoned, but like several buildings here, is inhabited by okupas (squatters). This one is being lived in by some gypsies. I always wonder what they’re up to in there.

This week, I had a conversation about ideal views in Seville (‘if you could pick one view of Seville to have from your bedroom window, what would it be?’) and I said I’d like to live opposite this one flat so I could see what was happening over there. Maybe that’s creepy, and overall not very inspired, given the hundreds of beautiful views there are all over the city, but it was on my mind! The next morning when I walked to class, the balcony of the building was decked out with the previous day’s washing, all these lovely brightly coloured things! It looked so nice and jolly that I decided to recapture it here with pen and acrylic.


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