Idle Hands

Hello! It’s 2013!

Backtracking a little from my end of year post yesterday, I’m going to start with a little explanation regarding the lack of posts in recent weeks…

After excitedly writing that I was going to paint something every day during my week off in December, and having muchas ganas to do so, my body decided to get ill again and bundle me into hospital for five days. That threw a big spanner into my works. Then it was Christmas, and everybody knows how that goes, it was a pretty busy time.

I did manage to make some Christmas presents, and took a lot of photos all ready to put on here after the gifts had been given and the surprises wouldn’t be spoiled, then I forgot to bring my camera lead home with me so I’ve got a lorra photos on my camera and nowhere for them to go until at least January 4th when I’m back in Sevilla.

But anyway, now I’m in Newcastle again doing nothing but recuperating. So I spent an excellent afternoon a few days ago sitting at the kitchen table with my mother and BBC Radio 6, making loads of stuff with some cardboard, copper wire, five tubes of acryclic paint and two potatoes. It was so great!! So, please enjoy these photo frames, the fruits of my labour…


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