Se venden bicis, pero no se lo digas a la policia…

Bike seller on Calle Feria… ‘We sell bikes, but don’t tell the police.’

There is a market every Thursday morning on a street called Calle Feria in Alameda, where I live. There you can find a whole range of things – nice antiques, dodgy antiques, books, 1euro DVDs, old pornography, shit from bins, bikes, and more. I bought my bike (it’s the green and pink one in this picture) from this guy, and his shorter, fatter friend, a couple of months ago.  I passed them with my bike a few weeks afterwards and the guy in the painting stopped me. Litron of Cruzcampo in hand, he offered to buy my bike off me for 10 euros. I told him I’d bought it off him for 35 a couple of months before, so I’d be keeping it. His fatter friend laughed and said, ‘No pasa nada, podemos robarla otra vez!’ – don’t worry, we’ll just rob it again. This fatter one had asked me out for a drink the day I bought the bike, so obviously his comment cut me to the quick after the bond we’d clearly made the first day. I left swiftly…

My friend also bought a bike from these guys. A couple of weeks later a girl came up to her and said that it was her bike, and it had been stolen a couple of weeks before. Awkward.

There I was thinking I’d bought a bike from a couple of guys who were just trying to make an honest living in this crazy, dog eat dog world. Ha. Maybe I was wrong. Oh well, I’ve had bikes stolen, had them donated, and also once found a lovely abandoned one in Edinburgh. My attitude to bike karma…easy come, easy go.

As usual this is acrylic. I took my dad’s advice and painted the canvas a nice creamy colour before I started with the actual image. I like the effect! Thanks Pa.

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