Remember when it wasn’t cool to be geeky?

(Illustration Friday: Eye Glasses)

We all know that now it’s totally cool to wear big glasses, to read comics and / or poetry, to alphabetise all your CDs, to wear clothes with sleeves and legs that are a bit too short, to have a wacky haircut, to drool with excitement when we spot trains we haven’t seen before…

But remember when it wasn’t? Ohh I remember. Those lonely days at school, aged 10, eating too much cake, turning away from shouts of ‘swot’, bravely facing up to questions of, ‘uh…are you a boy or a girl?’ after getting a short hair cut… hard times, but I wasn’t alone. I had my friend Karen, we took solace in the novels we were writing. Just another tick in the uncool box, I know. Luckily time is not really as long as it feels when you’re a child so that little epoch passed quickly enough and I could heave a sigh of relief the following school year when everything had changed.

This drawing is for everyone who had their geeky phase when it wasn’t cool. Well done people, you made it through, and looking back, it wasn’t so tough, was it?

Buy this item as a print, postcard or original.


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