Things to Make You Happy # 5 – Reading a Good Book with some Good Chocolate

I chose this TTMYH#5 because there is just something so lovely about doing this. After devouring a couple of English books recently, I finally found a second-hand Spanish one I wanted to read, and chocolate at hand, I’m reading it.

The trouble with finding Spanish books for me at the moment is several-fold…they have to be likely to be very interesting, or reading them will feel too much like homework and less like something I want to do in bed; they can’t be so deep and interesting that I’ll need to use my dictionary and pocket book of conjugated verbs at every twist and turn; they can’t be so long that I’ll just be daunted and think I’ll never be able to read it; and they have to be secondhand (cheap), so that limits shopping space to the Thursday market on C/Feria, where I’m not really a regular any more.

So, finding this book by Alice Walker a couple of weeks ago made my day. I got really into it when Javier and I took the 6 hour coach journey to Madrid recently, and I’m still working my way through it. It’s dead interesting and it’s feminist, yesss, I’ve not read anything outrightly feminist in AGES.

It’s also really nice to compare this reading experience to the last time I tried to read a book in Spanish, about five months ago. I could barely understand a word and had my dictionary out constantly. Now I can get through a couple of pages without it, and even then I’m just checking one or two words. I still have a LONG way to go with Spanish (who knew learning a language would be hard?) but it’s very nice to feel I’m making progress!


5 thoughts on “Things to Make You Happy # 5 – Reading a Good Book with some Good Chocolate

  1. Hi ! I really like your blog and your work. I would like to make an article about you and your work on my blog. Just tell me if you are interested !
    Wish you all the best 😉

    • Bonjour Rehdoo! Thanks for the comment! Of course you can write an article about my work, that would be great! Your site looks really interesting – although I can’t speak French so I’ve just been looking at the pictures….let me know how we should do this and we can get started! bisous!

      • Cool ! i’ll send you by mail some question about your work (in english, don’t worry 😉 ) in order to have some informations and then i’ll write the article. Thanks for your comment about my blog. No matter if you don’t understand French, Pictures are better than Words, Pictures can talk to people beyond their culture and origin 🙂
        i’m really happy that you like my blog, i’ll tell you when the mail is sent !

  2. This post really struck a chord with me as I love books and always try to make time for reading. I’ve been working my way through the English translations of Carlos Ruiz Zafon – I love his books, especially The Shadow of the Wind, but I often wish I could read the originals in Spanish. I’m never sure if you get the full meaning in a translated version. Which Alice Walker book did you read?

    • I love it too, when you get the time to sit down and just focus on a story it’s so lovely! Actually I read the Alice Walker one translated into Spanish, so I may have missed some of the meaning of it too. It was called In Possession of the Secret of Happiness (that’s the literal translation back from the Spanish translation…so I’m not sure if that was the original original title!) Have you read any Gabriel Garcia Marquez? His stuff is soooo beautifuly written, the translator must have a real talent to translate into beautiful English words too.

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