Illustration Friday: Tribute

I’m not a Catholic, but I do love a good spectacle. In Seville there are numerous examples of religious spectacle, one of which is Semana Santa, where statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus are carried through the streets. Javier has just moved from Macarena to Triana, and told me yesterday about the virgin feud between the two areas. The gist of it is both places think they have the best virgin. You can see examples of the virgins here……2567.13131.0.13257.…0.0…1ac.1.12.img.vKYOYdeHVTM

Now, if I was a virgin designer (unlikely) I would be making my virgins a lot more emotional than these ladies, weeping demurely and dabbing their little tears. My virgins would be angry. And their clothes would be a lot brighter. So this morning I got up early to paint my versions of the virgins…I’ll probably not be taking this around my local churches and suggesting I revamp their virgins, though.


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