Illustration Friday: Hidden

When I left university, I worked in a restaurant to pay the bills while applying for other jobs. I was looking for any job where I could use the skills I’d learned at uni, and ended up working for the government. I wasn’t the only one waitressing to fill the gap between being educated and waiting for someone to realise what brilliant talents I’d acquired and jumping at the chance to employ me. Everyone I worked with – except the owners – were not there because of a calling. They were artists, writers, photographers, musicians…basically a lot of creative people (and one or two dental nurses, who I hope weren’t too creative in their jobs).

The previous pub I’d worked in was full of the same people – lots of musicians, who weren’t really waiters or bar staff, they were just there for a wee while til they achieved what they really wanted to do.

Now I’m back working in a pub and, though I’m yet to meet the hidden artists and musicians, nobody is working there because they feel destined to be waiters, they are all other people hidden under uniforms and aprons.



One thought on “Illustration Friday: Hidden

  1. Glad to see i’m in your latest drawings pet.
    Yes life can be rough for us artists a lot turn to drink at least your just serving it, i’ll have a pint of real ale with brandy chaser.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXX from GEORDIELAND

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